A remarque is a small, personalized drawing or symbol that an artist may add it to a print often near his or her signature. The presence of a remarque increases the print's value.

Remarques originally were from the printing plate creation process. When a plate was in the final stages, each stage of the process was identified by a remark made, in pencil.  Some say Whistler had a great deal of influence in making remarques desirable to collectors, primarily using his "butterfly" mark.

A remarque now is considered an added value to art and print collectors. If you can have an artist's remarque added to your print, you are likely to spend more money on it.

Cindy's Remarques are typically a single color (Black) sketch, and are somewhere around 1 3/4" X 1 3/4" and are usually centered on the bottom portion of the matting using a permanent ink pen. They may also be accompanied by a short personalized message on request





          Butter Churn






          Apple Tub



Flower Vase


Price to add a Remarque and Short Personalization

$20.00 each (only available on matted prints)

Personalization containing any profanities, political agenda, offensive statements, accusations, or anything that may not agree with the artist's ethics or viewpoint, will be omitted at the discretion of the artist. Be sure to include the names of the Remarque and the print if more than one print is ordered



Custom Remarques are available: Please email photo to get a quote returned.